Tuesday, October 5, 2010


A huge thanks to everyone who supported our orphan cause... You have helped make a difference!
If you would like to continue to help kids in need, check out what the top people at Orphans Aid International are doing around the globe: www.orphansaidinternational.org

Live the dream and help people while you're at it!
Josh and Craig

The end!

After riding over 33000k's, passing through 14 countries, spending 4 months to the day on the road, breaking down a few times, crashing a couple of times each, dropping the bikes countless times, eating - sleeping - and breathing; the road south, meeting some amazing people, seeing some unreal sights and creating unforgettable memories.... We rolled into Ushuaia, the southern most city in the world!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Long way south

We finished the swings for the kids, and spent some time hanging out with them. We have created some awsome memories during the trip, but the smiles on those kids faces will be with us for a lifetime!
Then it was on into Bolivia, a tour involving pink flammingoes and epic salt flats!
Back on the bikes through crazy canyons and seemingly endless corregations and sand.
And into Argentina!!
5000ks until Ushuaia!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Machu Picchu

While concrete set and paint dried at the orphanage, we took some time out to head to Machu Picchu! A brilliant couple of days!
It was quite an adventure getting there, we rode our motorbikes as far as possible along some pretty rough tracks crawling with crazy drivers and unorganized road works.
After this it was a cruisy 11k wander up the valley, then a 4am start and there it was!
Absolutely amazing setting, and really cool ruins!
The trip back was a little more exciting with roadworks holding us up for hours, so we ended up riding most of the way in the dark.
A very foggy pass left us following the centre line and hoping for the best!
All in all a great excursion, and now it's time to head back to the orphanage and finish the swings!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


So Peru is not just one big desert after all... we made it to Cusco, a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and famous for Machu Pechu.
Its a great place and made even better by the fact that its here, in association with Orphans Aid International, we are volunteering at an Orphanage!
Its called the Hogar, and its a girls orphanage with 21 kids!
They range in age from 6 upwards and are mainly still primary school aged.
The majority are in the orphanage because their parants are alcoholics and have abandoned them.
They are absolutely gorgeous kids, with beaming smiles, and its uncomprehendable to us how one could trade such precious lives for the bottle.
Having spent a little time there, we have decided that we want to build them a playground area with some swings and jungle gym bars.
We are also doing some general maintenance around the facility.
All of this is pretty costly!! So if you would like to help out with the project, your donations would be greatly appreciated!
And a huge thanks to everyone who has already given, soon we will have some pics up of what you have given towards!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Desert Problema!

We didnt realise that coastal Peru is just one big flippin desert!
So we were riding through a shingle road in the middle of nothing but wind swept sand and freezing wind when Craigs bike died... and I mean really wasnt goin anywhere!
We waved down a pickup, and met yet another prime example of exceptionally kind people! The guys on board helped us load on, then drove Craigs bike for about 7hours through the dessert to Lima. I was following, desperately trying not to lose them, as they raced along at 130ks per hour in the dark! There was one stop where they had to pay off some Policia for their excessive speeding habit! They shouted us dinner and dropped us where we were staying! And wouldent except a cent from us!
Today was spent between the internet and the tool box, as we worked to try and figure the problem... after stripping and reassembling a good part of the entire bike, we found it had skipped a couple of teeth on the cam timing chain.
This adjusted, it was away! And we are living in hope that theres not somthing more sinister that caused it to happen in the first place!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Middle Earth!

Today we stood in the middle of the world... and i guess we have officially made it over half way from the top of the world to the bottom!
Crossing the equator in Equador was a cool experience, there were people there trying all sorts of balance and strengh tricks, which apparantly alter when you are on the equator. Personally I find it hard to believe that standing on the equator line or two meters to the left or right of it, is going to make any difference!
But people were buying the theory without question, so good on them. And its amazing how one looses their balance when they are told they are going to!
Equador seems like a great place tho, lovely people and really cheap food and fuel! $1.50 per gallon!!!
And we didnt get kidnapped in Colombia, not even a close call, almost dissapointing!!! But will probly keep our mothers happy!